Catholic Radio Symposium: A focus on Programming.

I had the chance to talk with Steve Gajdosik of the Catholic Radio Association about the upcoming Programming Symposium. You can hear the interview in two parts here. The symposium is a response on the part of the CRA to the growing need for education among Catholic Radio apostolates. 

I've long advocated the need for more education - we need to learn our craft and learn it well. Media audiences today are, for lack of a better term, "media savvy." What I mean by that is audiences are used to professionally produced programs and therefore recognize professionalism when they encounter it. They find it difficult to listen to programs that fail to meet the standards they are expecting and are used to hearing. I'm glad to see the CRA moving in the direction of more education. 

While a weekend symposium is a good first step, I highly recommend that we as Catholic Radio broadcasters step outside of our comfort zones and move into the public arena. Check out your local colleges to see if they offer courses in broadcasting. If they do, take a class on production, speech, web authoring, social media - whatever they offer. Take a class and bring your strong Catholic Faith with you. You may be shocked to hear the language spoken in such an environment today - I speak from experience. But, I assure you that you will find people there who are hungry for God. And, you'll learn valuable skills that you can apply in your ministry. 

Steve Moffitt