Doug Pearson Loses Battle to Cancer

June 26th, 2015

Farewell My Friend


Doug Pearson passed away last night, after battling esophageal cancer.

A simple sentence however, does not encapsulate the life and sacrifices of this Catholic man. When I first laid eyes on Doug, something witnessed to me about him. That “something” was the Holy Spirit. Even without the Spirit’s prompting, my own eyes could tell he was different.

It was at a Catholic youth conference at Little Flower parish in Reno, Nevada that I met him. Doug was there with some of his kids, I was there representing Immaculate Heart Radio, then in its third year of operations. Doug came up to the booth and we started to talk about things catholic. It was obvious that here was a guy that loved Jesus and his Church. You all know the list, NFP, Pro-Life, Home schooling, Adoration, weekly mass, regular confession, he did it all. He instantly became my measuring rod. If I had any doubts about my catholicity, I could just look at Doug and see what I needed to do.

As the weeks went by after our meeting, the Holy Spirit kept prompting me about him. It took me a while, but I eventually realized he would be a perfect fit for Immaculate Heart Radio. So, I talked it over with Doug Sherman and we agreed to offer Doug Pearson a job. We needed him. His background as a radio technician in the Marines and his strong Catholic life were “tailor made” for Catholic Radio. So, I took him to lunch and offered him a job. He said no. The salary we offered was lower than the one he was currently making in the roofing business and he had a growing family. Who can argue with that? Well, the Holy Spirit can.

Weeks went by and I still couldn’t shake that prompting I felt. So, I took him to lunch again and again I offered him the job. He said that he and his wife had been praying about the job offer. He said the Holy Spirit had kept it on their minds prompting them to take the job and trust it was the right decision.

So, he said yes -taking a big pay cut, to work in Catholic Radio. It was a sacrifice for him and his wife. A sacrifice they gladly made for God. He was perfect for the job.

Over the years, Doug’s service in Catholic Radio grew and expanded. He eventually made his way to Guadalupe Radio but he was instrumental or had a helping hand in dozens of Catholic Radio Apostolates around the country. Doug was always, positive. Always gentle. I never saw him get frustrated or angry. He was rare.

Even in the face of death Doug trusted in Jesus. He trusted, he prayed, and he sacrificed. Last night he fell, but today he stands in the presence of Our Lord.

Well done, good and faithful servant!