Catholic High School Launches Catholic LPFM in Woodbridge, VA

This was a good fit for us, because it got the conversation going on how our students can put into practice, some of the things that they’re learning. And how do we teach a mode of communication, and how would that be ethical and meaningful" Jennifer Cole, JPII the Great HS Spokesman.

Ad Man to Non-Profits: "You're Leaving Money On The Table."

The sad part is that public radio stations are unnecessarily leaving a lot of revenue on the table due simply to procedural issues, a lack of understanding of the advertising and marketing firm’s processes, requirement of large amounts of time relative to the budget, and other issues that make it difficult to work with. - Evan Brown in Radio World 09/10/2015

Is Terrestrial Radio A Dying Technology? The BBC Thinks It Is.

Terrestrial Radio, like so many other things, is being supplanted by new technology. To wit, the Internet. Radio has held on as a medium primarily due to the fact that most people can only listen to radio while driving their cars - there have been no other alternatives. But, with WiFi enabled cars coming into the automotive market place, terrestrial radio may soon disappear.