NABA Symposium Considers “Dashboard Strategies for Broadcasters”

Leverage the current tools, but look ahead to new technology

February 16, 2017

By Emily M. Reigart, for Radio World

Moderator and NAB Senior Director of Advanced Engineering David Layer argues that the connected car offers opportunities for broadcasters as well as competitors in the infotainment system. All 41 cars tested at the recent Detroit Auto Show had AM, FM and SiriusXM with the exception of the BMW i3, which has no AM. Additionally, 78% had HD Radio, while 90% had a volume knob. With that in mind, it’s crucial for broadcasters to know how radio fits into this new environment.

The panel participants were Audi Americas Director of Connected Vehicles Anupam Malhotra, DTS SVP Joe D’Angelo, NPR Mobile Operations Director Demian Perry and NAB EVP and CTO Sam Matheny.

Malhotra says he has seen connected vehicle industry grow from its infancy to “puberty.” Nonetheless, it is one of the most important indicators to consumers about the level of innovation from an automaker. Malhotra says radio and cars have a good thing going — and it’s going to continue because of audio listening’s dominance in cars. The dashboard has evolved from simplicity to the relative complexity of today. The vehicle dashboard is a reflection of the lives we lead today.

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