WNRE-LP Goes on the Air in Duluth (Atlanta Area) Georgia.

Ablaze Radio, located in a former storage room at St. Monica's Parish in Duluth went on the air recently. Located at 98.1 FM the station began broadcasting by airing a Legal I.D. followed by a brief reflection by St. Monica's pastor. WNRE-LP is one of several LPFMs currently on the air or in the works.

New Catholic Radio Station From Los Angeles Cathedral On-Air

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles recently began broadcasting from it's newly acquired AM radio station at 1460 on the AM Dial. Featuring Catholic programming in Spanish, the station, with call letters are KTYM, was eagerly anticipated by the Spanish speaking Catholic community.

Failure to File Renewal for Your Station's License Can Be Costly.

The FCC takes filing deadlines seriously and they can and will fine a station for failing to file a renewal of license application late. These can be costly and for a station with an already tight budget, an extra $3000 dollars (or so) fine added to your monthly expenses would not be welcome. 

Public Files Inspection. A Personal Safety Issue?

“Given past attacks on station employees and the physical risks these individuals can face, it is all the more important that the commission clarify our rules so that if any station makes its public inspection file available online -- either as required by our rules or on its own initiative -- it is no longer required to make its facilities or premises open to the public.” - Michael O'Rielly, FCC Commissioner.

Nigerian Bishops and Calumny in the Press. Another Reason Why Catholic Radio is Important.

Nigerian Bishops and Calumny in the Press. Another Reason Why Catholic Radio is Important.
"... some international organizations and the media instead of highlighting our biggest concern that marriage must be between a man and a woman, in accordance with our cultural and religious norms, mischievously reduced the CBCN (Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria) position to advocating severe punishment of gays or lesbians with long prison terms! This is a deliberate distraction and a wicked deviation from what is our primary concern. ..." - Archbishop Kaigama.