Catholic Radio is not just a job. It is a calling. 

I'm Steve Moffitt, and Oratory Consulting is my company.

I founded Oratory Consulting to provide experience and guidance to forward thinking Catholic Radio Ministries intent on faithfully pronouncing the Good News. I and a few very talented professionals comprise the company.

For me, the preparation for serving in Catholic Radio began in my childhood. As a child growing up in a Catholic family, I was exposed to radio from birth. My mother enjoyed listening to radio and would do so at home or whenever she drove the family car. I remember, her encouraging me and my siblings to sing along with the music - which we did. That early introduction impressed upon me the habit of listening to the radio. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay area, stations like KYA, KFRC and KLIV became my daily diet. The DJ's have long since passed on and many have faded into memory, but radio remained an interest. 

When I got to High School I discovered that the school had its own FM radio station - KLEL-FM. I signed up and learned how to spin records and studied to take the FCC exam to get my license (which I still have). But, other things intervened and it was many years before I once again thought of actually working in radio. 

"Oratory Consulting exists so that the few who can see the value of my experience and counsel can receive it."

By that time in my life I was already established in a different career, but I wasn't happy. And so I prayed - asking God for direction. That direction led me to back Radio - an old love. I enrolled in a nearby technical school and began again to study the industry I loved. Things were different this time around. The course work was more intense - lasting a full year, and it required a creativity from me that I didn't know I had. God seemed to be guiding my course through the school and despite the challenges I graduated early. I just seemed to "get" radio and even earned an internship months before my fellow students. No matter what I was tasked to do, God gave me the grace to do it well. 

Years later, I was working in commercial radio in Southern California but was dissatisfied. I felt that there had to be more that I was called to do. In 1996, a friend mentioned Catholic Radio to me. I had never heard of it but began immediately to look for it. Hoping to join this exciting field of work. My search led me to Chris Lyford and the Lay Catholic Broadcasting Network. I attended the LCBN convention in San Francisco and from there I met Doug Sherman of Immaculate Heart Radio. I was hired by Immaculate Heart Radio in 1998 and from there I went to Relevant Radio - spending much time on their LPFM initiative. I finally, served as Executive Director at Catholic Broadcasting, NW (a.k.a. Mater Dei Radio or KBVM). I've consulted with several Catholic Radio Ministries - most notably with Redeemer Radio in Ft. Wayne, Indiana (2005-2006).

So, that's most of my history.

My philosophy I can sum up this way. My mission field is Radio. It is through this medium that God has chosen to send me to do my part to proclaim the Gospel. I learned much over the years that has tremendous value to any Catholic Radio Ministry. Oratory Consulting exists to provide the benefits we offer of our experience and skills in media, fund-raising, and management to support your Catholic Radio ministry. 

"You'll feel that you've been through a long thorough course on Catholic Radio Ministry by the time were done!"

Our method is simple. First we assess you and where your skill level lies. Then we assess where you want your ministry to be. Then we formulate a step by step plan to equip you to lead yourself and your ministry team to your final goal. Our goal is to train you and equip you so that at the end of a year you'll be fully prepared, all your ministry's issues will have been addressed, and we've formulated lasting plans for you to move ahead. We hope you'll keep us around, but for the most part we want you to be fully equipped and ready for your ministry. We do this with weekly hour long consultations by phone, Skype, or in person over a one year period. In addition, we will consult with one other key person in your organization. Usually this means we work closely with the Board President, and the Station Manager.

Easy to explain, but believe me when I say that you'll feel that you've been through a long thorough course on Catholic Radio Ministry. By the time we're done you'll be competent!